Andreas Leemann

Andreas Leeman was born in Zurich in 1965. He studied geology and made his PhD in limnogeology at the ETH Zurich. Color photographs of his extensive travels have appeared in numerous magazines and calendars. However, in 1997 he made a decisive change of direction in his art. Realizing that he was unconsciously beginning to adapt his work to the tastes of editors, he switched from color to black and white photography. Having found in the large format camera the ideal means to realize his visual ideas, he now pursues his own artistic goals intensively


Andreas mainly uses an Arca-Swiss F-Line 4×5″ camera and occasionally switches to the 8×10″ or 6×9 cm format. As film he usually uses Ilford Delta 100. His standard film developer is self-mixed D76H in dilutions of 1+1 to 1+3. If he wants to get a different tonality, he develops the film in Rodinal (1+100), Pyrocat-HD (1+1+100) or FX-37 (1+4). In the 4×5″ format his lenses of choice are the 90 mm, 180 mm and 300 mm. He prints his negatives on Agfa Multicontrast Classic 111 developed the paper in Agfa Neutol WA. The prints are toned in selenium and are treated with Agfa Sistan after the final rinse.

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